Mutlimedia   Body Electronic Network   Powertrain’s Electronic Network  

   Smart Key (FOB)
Body Electronic Network

We are the first company in Iran that localized this products in OEM market. We have the software and hardware knowledge and experience to respond the future requirements of customers.

IBCM (Integrated Body Control Module)

All Protocol Support( VAN-CAN-LIN)
Enable Output via Smart & Switch Relay Drivers
UDS Diagnostic Supported/ESCL & Semi PEPS Full Support
Gateway Full Function

PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start)

Support Full PEPS & Semi PEPS (CAN Support)
Manages the Immobilizer Communication with ECU
Push Button Interaction and LF Wake Reception

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Pressure & Temperature of Tire Measurment
Auto Learn Full Support
CAN & LIN Support

ESCL (Electronic Steering Column Lock)

Anti-Theft Production of Highest Quality
Highest Security Algorithm According to ASIL D
Software Based on ASIL D Standards

Smart Key (FOB)

Highest Security Algorithm
Hopping and 32 Bit Encryped Data Transaction
3D Smart Key


2D & 3D LCD Cluster (7" - 10")
CAN BUS & UDS Diagnostic Support
Osek Software Base

DFN (Deck Front Node)

Special Node for Drive High Current Actuators on Car
CAN & USD Support
Drive Output with Smart Switches and Smart Relay Drives

MFD (Multi Function Display)

Segment Type / Dot Matrix Display
CAN & Text Support
Osek Network Management

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