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Mutlimedia & Telematics

Over 85% of our car audio and speaker products sales in OE market. Our design and testing can meet all OEM's requirement and specification.
Speakers production capacity is 6 mollion pcs per year and car audio capacity is 1 mollion pcs per year.

Car Audio (Infotainment System)

1DIN OEM Car Audio (CAN Support)
2DIN Multimedia (DVD / GPS / Android / Win CE / CAN / Smartphone Link)
Car AVN System


OEM Car Speakers (4”-15”) & Tweeter
Professional Speaker & PA System (Microphone, Amplifire, LoudSpeaker with Box)
TV Speaker (LED, LCD)

Telematics Box

Service Content Application (Tracking / Emergency / Trip / Social / Insurance)
Cloud Platform (2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi)
Hardware Product (T-Box, OBD, HUD)

Antenna set

Active & Passive Car Antenna  |  Base  |  Rod  |  Cable
PEPS Antenna (Body, Trunk, Handle)
Car GPS / GSM Antenna

GPS & Navigation

GPS & Navigation hardware & software (In-dash, PND)
Data Logger
Intelligent Fleet Managment

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System)

360 AVM Camera
BSD Blind Spot Detection
LCA Lane Change Assist
PRS Parking Radar Sensor

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