Value Organization
Rewarding Human Capital

Respect for ethics and human dignity, respect for the personality and personnel, with the aim of enhancing the sense of cooperation and full support of the personnel as valuable organizational assets

Loyalty to the obligations

Douran is an organization that is loyal to its commitment to society, personnel, customers and stakeholders

Knowledge chain

Continuous education and learning, and the creation of a chain in receiving and transferring knowledge and experiences in the collection and others

Transparent and honest information

In order to build trust in the stakeholders, organizations, regulatory authorities and honesty and transparency in providing information are considered.

Transparent and honest information

Innovation and R & D in the production of products and provide the right service, higher quality and more value added

Car OEM Customers
Iran Khodro Peugeot (IKAP) Sapco Haima Suzuki
Saipa Citroën Sazeh Gostar Pars Khodro Brilliance
Renault Pars Kerman Khodro Lifan JAC Hyundai
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